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Apex 3 & Premire
Apex3 & Premire Security photo shoot
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Nandor Portrait Session
Nandor Portrait session
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Nandor Portrait Session FPDCC Board of Commissioners Award
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Fall Fall - Featured in 2016 Calendar
October 2016

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Saganashkee_Slough Saganashkee Slough- Featured in 2016 Calendar
November 2016

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Sunset in Jamaica Sunset in Jamaica - Featured on Smashing Magazine
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: June 2012

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Summertime Picnic Summertime Picnic - Featured on Smashing Magazine
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar:
July 2012

Spring Bee Spring Bee - Featured on Smashing Magazine
Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: April 2013

Frozen Lake Frozen Lake - Featured in 2013 Calendar and on display at the County building in Chicago
January 2013

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Capital Education
Capital Education Logo design, website, and Flash animation
Launch Animation
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CTU Web sliders

Dolphins in Depth games Xbox CLG Flash educational game Swalco flash game
Brookfield Zoo Dolphins in Depth Flash games
A series of 5 educational flash games designed for Brookfield Zoo to teach children about dolphin behavior.
Launch game
Xbox Live training modules
Series of Flash activities for online training.
Launch module
CLG Flash educational game
Flash educational game designed to show teachers how to match up students in a classroom.
Launch game
Swalco Clean it Out Flash game
Flash game that teaches all about recycling.
Launch game

Banners Michael Annett web animation AIU Bungee Jump
Flash web banners
Various Flash web banners.
Launch banners
Michael Annett web animation
Flash animation using a combination of After Effects and Flash.
Launch animation
AIU Flash animation
Flash transit ad.
Launch animation
Physics of a bungee jump animation
Flash physics animation.
Launch animation
Positive Network Solutions Hollister AIU Education
Positive Network Solutions Flash Animation
Launch animation
Hollister training Flash demo
Launch animation
AIU Flash animation
Flash transit ad.
Launch animation
Various Educational Flash
Flash animations and activities for various online courses.
Launch activities

Photo Blog

I Don't Need A Boyfriend Music Video- Your Villain My Hero
Shot with Robbie Conaway RCpopArt
Forensic Science video teaser

Various Adobe After Effects Samples

Sample 1 - CLG Star
Sample 2 - Ellis Graduation
Sample 3 - Teacher Interviews


The Engineering studio
The Engineering studio, inc. Website and logo
Launch Website
The Engineering studio
Music Creations Website and logo
Launch Website
Sony Sony Video Memories Forever Pure Pilates
Sony Mini Website - 2mp
Launch Website
Sony Mini Website - DVD
Launch Website
Video Memories Forever Website
Launch Website
Chicagos Pure Pilates Website
Launch Website

The Engineering studio
Conceptual (mood boards)

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